Thoughts of Europe

November 4, 2017 - Fresh Winds Blowing
Shortly after joining the team at Windswept Ministries, I shared with my Pastor, Tricia Byler Scott, about the great desire I’ve had to do missionary work in Europe. Over the years, I haven’t met many people here in the US who felt a burden to reach Europe with the Gospel, so I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she also felt this calling.
In fact, a few years ago, God spoke to her: “Pray for the winds of revival in Europe to sweep America.” This word from the Lord puzzled her because she had not heard of any revival occurring in Europe, but she continued to pray about it. God confirmed this word when I told her about the revival that is stirring up in the Czech Republic and Germany.
Honestly, I had hoped to make it to Europe long before now as a missionary, but I have realized that the Lord kept me in Houston, TX so I could be a part of Windswept. Evgeny and I have grown tremendously at this church, and we’ve learned some of the things that we believe the Lord wants us to take with us to Europe. Particularly, we have learned more about spiritual warfare, and forming tactical strategies to recover strongholds taken by the enemy.
In doing so, God has shifted our vision for ministry in Europe. In addition to stirring up revival, we want to focus on recovering regional strongholds in the land. The city of Prague has been a huge stronghold for the enemy for quite some time, and Evgeny and I feel our attention turning there.
Many years ago, I had a vision of the Czech Republic with a giant throne of darkness that was over the land. The feet of the throne were claws that dug deep into the earth. The seat of the throne was holding back all of the living water that flowed from heaven so that it couldn’t reach the earth. I noticed a crack forming in the throne, and the water was just barely beginning to trickle down. This was an indication that the Spirit was beginning to move in the land. A few years later, I had another vision of this throne. This time Jesus was coming down upon the throne, and He completely crushed it! I believe this is the time for those strongholds to be crushed, and God has called us to be those vessels of deliverance.
Since I first joined Windswept, we have been collectively praying that God would make a way for us to go to Europe as a group. Recently, the Lord impressed upon me that there would be a “divine exchange,” between us when we meet in Europe. We would bring fresh winds of revival to Europe, and they would breathe fresh winds into our ministry that would be taken back to the US. I felt inspired to call it the “Fresh Winds Conference.” I’m not sure when exactly this will take place but our goal is this coming year of 2018. Keep us in your prayers. We can use all the help and support possible. Thanks.